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Build with AR

Our innovative cross-platform technology enable developers and creators to
integrate advanced real-time AR graphics SDK into their products.

Understanding the scene
Our lighting fast framework can do more than just figure out where you are in an image. It can detect exactly where your head is, and provide accurate outlines of both your face and hair individually! Change your hair color, add hair highlights or even change your hairstyle completely. We can also adjust your skin tone and provide amazing face filters that are aware of where your hair covers your face. The potential uses are limitless.
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AI Powered Style Transfer
Camerai Art Styles SDK and API enable your users to unleash their creative side and turn any photo into a piece of art including countless styles, supporting up to 4K resolution.
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Real Time Skeleton Tracking SDK
tate of the art real-time pose estimation solution, using Camerai AI - deep learning human pose estimation via deep neural networks to detect body-joints in realtime is available with Skeleton SDK and Skeleton API
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Real Time Portrait Mode & Camera Focus SDK
The most accurate solution for real-time camera portrait mode with auto selective focus. Make stunning portrait images, videos and live-streaming on any camera and app with Camerai Portrait Mode SDK and API.
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